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Desert safari in Dubai – a guide, advices and tips

Desert Safaris starts from 60 USD per person to 375 USD per person. The choices are great, and so are the price differences, too. All of the safaris we offer differ in the process.

Safaris take place in the morning (soft drinks included) or in the afternoon (including Bedouin camp / barbecue / dinner and show program) and also at night (overnight stay with breakfast).

First of all, decide on one of the two main categories: Dune drive safaris or wildlife drive tours. The explanation follows below.

Desert safari in Dubai at dumping prices


We do not offer so-called “cheap safaris”. The reason is simple. A reasonable Dubai safari with good-humored drivers, clean, optimally maintained vehicles, individual care and a tasty meal and a corresponding selection of dishes in the Bedouin camp – has its minimum price.

We do not make compromises such as “only one drink per person”, shortened travel times in the desert, convoy trips as a mass event, etc.

Guests become friends. Read the many customer reviews on the subject of desert in our guest book

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What is your favorite tour?


Which of the two variants (dune drive or wildlife tours) generally correspond to your ideas of an adventure in the desert? First, consider which of the two options listed below are suitable for you. There are …

Dune Drive safaris

Dune Drives are Sporty trips with the Toyota Landcruiser, Hummer H2, quad or buggy in the desert, fast or slower, it goes up and down the dunes 🙂 – generally quick trips, with private safaris you determine the pace. Buggy and quad rides are allowed within the dunes even without a driver’s license. Minimum age: 13 years. There is no wildlife viewing like with the Platinum Heritage Safaris. The safari does not go to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR). It goes into the open desert.

the Dune Drive Safaris

Wildlife Drive tours

Wildlife trips are done with the open Land Rover of the 50s (nostalgia) or with the luxurious Range Rover in the DDCR (Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve). There are no fast and wild rides.

With consideration for the flora and fauna, you drive slowly and “carefully”. Comfort, wildlife observation and the beauty of the desert are guaranteed to be the focus of this type of desert safaris in Dubai.

Wildlife drive safaris are also suitable for guests with back problems. If you want to experience a tour “without going up and down”, look out for the addition: Platinum Heritage in the descriptions of the respective tour.

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Dubai Desert Safari – FAQs


About Dubai Premium Tours

How long have you been offering desert safaris in Dubai? Can you introduce yourself?

Dubai Premium Tours is international service for Dubai excursions and is based on the well-known Dubai service called besuche-dubai-de (in german lanugae for Germany, Switzerland and Austria). We have been offering Dubai excursions and desert tours for around 20 years. As a German company, we are also permanently on site in Dubai. If you want to know more about us, please click here:

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What exactly does Wildlife Safari Dubai mean?

What is meant are animal observations in the desert. More precisely in the largest national park in the United Arab Emirates, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR). The DDCR is dedicated to the preservation of fascinating plant and animal species.

The safari takes you through the unique ecosystem of the Dubai desert and offers you the unique opportunity to observe the Arabian oryx antelopes, the colorful bird world, desert monitor lizards, gazelles and maybe even Gordon’s wildcat up close.

Wildife Safaris in Dubai – this is about the beauty of the desert, leisurely slow driving with the nostalgic Land Rover of the 50s or the luxurious Range Rover.



Show me all Dubai Wildlife Safaris Dubai at a glance!

Wildlife safaris in Dubai are carried out exclusively by Platinum Heritage. Check out all of the wildlife tours here. Animal viewing is a priority on all tours.




What does the classic Wildlife Safari Dubai cost?

The afternoon safari with wildlife observation, falcon show and dinner is called Heritage Dinner Safari – Platinum Heritage. This desert safari in Dubai costs around 160 USD per adult and around 135 USD per child.

This safari takes place in the nostalgic Land Rover of the 50s. It is an upscale safari. The authentic desert camp is owned by Platinum Heritage.

Show me all dune drive safaris in Dubai at a glance!

With the dune drive safaris, also called ‘dune bashing‘ tours, the focus is on driving fun. Rides in the middle of the desert dunes – it goes up and down – represent the sporty variant of the desert tours in Dubai.

Our dune drive safaris at a glance:



Can I mix dune drive safaris and wildlife safaris during a Dubai desert safari?

This is not possible. You have to decide on one variant. Dune drive safari or wildlife safari. Both types of desert safaris take place in completely different geographical areas in the Dubai desert.


Dubai Desert Facts – FAQs

How big is the desert in Dubai?

Dubai is a desert. Even if the city itself no longer looks like it. The total area of the emirate is around 4000 square kilometers. The proportion of the actual desert: more than 90 percent.


What is DDCR – the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve?

Dubai has come of age in the field of conservation – a destination known for its mega-projects. A lesser known fact is that the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve makes up 5% of the Emirate of Dubai. Area: approx. 225 square kilometers.

With the rapid development of Dubai as an important business center in the Gulf, the government of Dubai has long recognized the need to preserve the unique and beautiful desert habitat and the many endangered animal and plant species in it. This unique reserve was created to protect these threatened species and to preserve the natural habitat and heritage of the desert.

All Platinum Heritage Safaris lead to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.



What does the classic dune drive safari in Dubai cost?

The final price depends on the quality of the desert camp. Some operators have their own camps, but most of the safari operators go to different camps in the desert. There are very many of them.

The course of the classic afternoon variant is always the same for all organizers, even if it seems that there are many different tours.

With us, the classic dune drive afternoon safari in Dubai costs around 70 USD per adult – and around 44 USD per child under 12 years of age. It is a group tour and there is space for up to 6 people in the Toyota Landcruiser.

No hidden additional costs and payment only in Dubai during the safari.



Booking – FAQs

How long before the scheduled date should I book my Dubai desert tour?

Wildlife Safaris – Platinum Heritage

Limited capacity – this applies especially in winter – we only work with our own cars and desert guides. Please book your safari from your home country as early as possible. In an emergency, you can always cancel the tour.



Dune drive safaris

Again, we ask you to book the safaris as early as possible. No risk – you only pay cash for all dune drive safaris on site and as a smaller organizer we only have 9 vehicles / 9 drivers available. Here, too, you can cancel the desert tour in an emergency.


Is there a contact person for your desert safaris in Dubai?

Yes, we can be reached at any time via WhatsApp. 00971 50 843 09 70.

This could be interesting if, for example, the driver is late due to a traffic jam or if you want other changes.


To be prepared befor start – FAQs

How far is the desert from downtown Dubai and the beach hotels?

The destination of a desert safari (dune drive safari) in Dubai is always in the immediate vicinity of the desert camps. The “red dunes” are also famous. The travel time from most Dubai city and beach hotels is around 40 – 50 minutes with normal traffic.

Platinum Heritage‘s in-house camp in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is also around 50 minutes’ drive from most hotels in Dubai.


What do I have to take with me on the desert safari in Dubai?

Sun protection is more recommended for the desert tour in the morning. If you sweat easily, pack a small towel with you in the morning. Sanitary facilities are started up, don’t worry.

With all our safaris you get drinks (soft drinks, water) in the vehicle and later in the camp.

In the winter months, take a cardigan or a light sweater with you (hand luggage).

Otherwise, don’t forget the “good mood”.


Is there an opportunity to take photos on the Dubai desert tours?

Sure, wthout exception – on all of our tours you have many and often the opportunity to take great photos. Think especially of sunrise, sunset, in the dunes, camels, driving scenes, in the camp, by the water.

Our desert guides are well trained and know exactly when it’s time for photo stops.


Is it cooler in the desert than in the city, especially in summer?

Yes, definitely, there is always a pleasant wind blowing in the desert. It is 4 -5 degrees cooler, especially in the evenings it is very comfortable.


I live in a hotel in Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah or Umm Al Quawain.  Which safari can you recommend?

The choice is limited. Wildlife safaris are only possible if you come to Dubai to start the tour. You can choose the hotel for the meeting point yourself.

Dune Drive Safaris from Sharjah, Ajman, RAK or Umm Al Quawain are possible at no extra charge:


When and at what times do balloon rides take place in Dubai?

You have to get up very early! Balloon rides take place in Dubai at sunrise.

In the summer months it is too hot. The season for balloon flights in Dubai starts on October 1st and ends on May 15th each year.

There are only trips in the desert. No balloon rides are allowed in the city center.


What should I wear to the Dubai desert safari? Which clothes ?

The weather in the desert of Dubai cannot be compared with the weather in the city (4 – 5 degrees difference). During the day, we recommend loose, comfortable clothing and shoes that are easy to put on / take off again when it gets too warm / cold. You can also walk barefoot in the desert.

Flip flops / sandals / light sports shoes / T-shirts / shorts are ideal in summer (May to October)! – Sturdy shoes are superfluous, you don’t go on a mountain tour!

In winter (November to April) it is best to dress “double”. It gets chilly in the desert when the sun goes down. The temperature can drop below 13 degrees! While it is pleasantly warm during the day at around 20 degrees, in the evening you need a fleece sweater or a warm jacket, long trousers and closed shoes (sneakers, sports shoes).

Remember! In winter, take a small bag with warm clothes for the evening!



Which desert tour variant is better? in the morning (AM) or or afertnoon/evening (PM)?

If you would like to experience the sunset in the desert of Dubai and would like a dinner with a show program in the dark in one of the camps, then drive to the desert in the afternoon / evening.

In general, there are far fewer tourists and locals in the desert dunes in the mornings. A quiet family excursion or a photo tour are ideal in the mornings. You are usually back at your booked hotel for lunch. We also offer tours to the impressive sunrise.


From what age can children take part in the desert tours in Dubai?

At all Wildlife Safaris Dubai (Platinum Heritage) children from 5 years are welcome.

The children should also be 5 years old for group tours if a dune drive safari is to be booked.

Children younger than 5 can take part in a private dune drive desert tour with their companion. There are no age limits here and we can provide child seats on request.


Is there sandboarding on your desert tours?

Wildlife Safari (= Platinum Heritage) – sandboarding is not possible here, as the wildlife safari leads to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) and sporting activities are completely prohibited there.

On request, sandboarding is included in the price of all of our dune drive desert tours and also the buggy tours.


I am staying at the hotel in Abu Dhabi. Which safari can you recommend?

In Abu Dhabi, the choice of desert safaris is a little limited. We can recommend this safari with our contractual partner Get your Guide:


We can also pick you up from Abu Dhabi, for example if you want to go on a wildlife safari with Platinum Heritage. Send us an email to or WhatsApp us on 00971 50 843 09 70. We will then discuss the details.

Dune drive safaris already exist in Abu Dhabi, but wildlife safaris are not.


I would like to spend the night in the desert during my stay in Dubai, but not in one of the expensive luxury resorts. Is there a possibility?

An overnight stay in the desert of Dubai is a unique experience if all top hygiene regulations are observed and the feel-good factor is rated as positive.

We offer two overnight safaris in the Dubai desert. Both tours meet the requirements:


plus the safari with a balloon ride the next morning



Is there a family buggy tour in the Dubai desert?

Yes, there is space for up to 4 participants in the buggy. The children only have to be 5 years or older. A family outing that is fun for everyone! Ideally suited for children, because dad is the driver of the desert buggy.


Can I also give away a desert excursion to acquaintances, friends or relatives?

Yes, of course that is not a problem. Write us an email to or even better a WhatsApp message to 00971 50 843 09 70. We will then contact you and discuss the details.

Is there any desert tour in Dubai where I can visit the famous Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa?

Al Maha, A Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa is one of the top desert resorts in the United Arab Emirates.

The “Conservation Tour – Wildlife Safari – Platinum Heritage” includes a visit to this wonderful hotel in the Dubai desert.


During my stay in Dubai, I might also want to drive a quad or buggy in the desert. But I don’t want to commit myself yet. Is there a solution?

If you book our private dune drive safari (possible in the morning or in the afternoon), you only decide in the desert – during the tour – whether and how long you want to drive a quad or buggy.


Why don’t you offer combinations such as Dubai city / desert?

Quite simply, it doesn’t make any sense at all and just confuses. Desert is desert and city is city. You can take a city tour of Dubai at any time in the morning and a desert safari in the afternoon.

The advantage is that in between you come back to your hotel and can rest a little and freshen up again.

From the outset, consider Dubai excursions as individual building blocks. Combination tours can also cause stress!



Are there desert tours in Dubai that others have and you don’t?

We offer all types of safaris.

Dune drive safaris with our tour guides Maqsood Ali and Aziz and a total of 8 other drivers. Mornings and afternoons …

Platinum Heritage Wildlife Safaris – complete program – we are a direct authorized partner company of Platinum Heritage.

Buggy tours with Big Red Adventure Tours – we are a direct authorized partner company of Big Red Adventure Tours.

We only do not offer cheap safaris that do not meet the quality requirements of a desert safari in Dubai.


Self-driving & Buggy

Can I drive a rental car in the Dubai Desert myself?

When using a rental car in Dubai and the UAE, it is not allowed to drive “offroad”, i.e. off the public roads. In the event of non-compliance, insurance cover does not apply.

It is also far too dangerous to be behind the wheel in the middle of the desert dunes if you have no experience of “driving in the sand”.


Can I get behind the wheel myself on one of the safaris on offer?

For insurance reasons, you are not allowed to drive yourself on desert tours in Dubai. It is also far too dangerous if you have no education. You would get stuck in the sand after a few meters.

It is different with buggy or quad tours in the middle of the desert dunes. Here you can drive yourself. Driving a buggy / quad biking is not just driving a car. The power transmission between the tires and the vehicle is completely different. Driving a buggy or quad in the sand is easy.

Professional Dubai buggy tours differ considerably from normal “try it out” tours.

If you just want to do a few laps in the Dubai desert for fun, we recommend this tour. Driving a buggy and quad is much cheaper here, as these are not professional tours in the desert of Dubai. Just for fun!



Can you buy and consume alcohol in the camp on safari tours in Dubai?

No alcohol is served or sold on the Dubai Wildlife Tours (= Platinum Heritage Safaris).

With the Dubai dune drive safaris you can buy and consume alcohol in the camps, as long as the camps have an alcohol license. However, this does not apply to special holidays in the United Arab Emirates.


Is there vegetarian food on desert tours in Dubai?

Basically, on all desert tours in Dubai, vegetarian food is also offered in the camps.

Dune drive Safaris Buffet – the guest chooses his own food.

Wildlife Safaris Please inform the driver if vegetarian food is desired.

When booking the Dubai desert tour, you are welcome to let us know your wish under the space: ‘Message to us’.



What about safety on off-road tours? Are the drivers / guides specially trained?

Commercial driving in the desert requires a special driving license. All drivers and guides have to renew this driving license regularly.

All vehicles are properly insured. There are strict guidelines for commercial off-road driving in the United Arab Emirates.


The Best Time to Travel

I will be in Dubai for just under 1 week. When is the best time for a desert tour?

We recommend booking a city tour at the beginning of your stay and one of the desert safaris in the middle of your Dubai vacation. Many of our guests have followed this advice.

At the beginning you want to explore the city as soon as possible. The desert safari is “pure relaxation and fun“. This can take place in the middle or towards the end of the Dubai trip.

Our guests were very satisfied. Also take a look at our guestbook:

Customer Reviews


I’m only in Dubai for a very short time and have little time (stopover). Can I be picked up and then dropped off at Dubai Airport?

Sure, no problem! We will pick you up at Dubai Airport for a desert tour. Check your available time slot. After the desert safari, we will drive you back to Dubai Airport.


Sunrise & SunSet Tours

I would like to experience the sunrise in the Dubai desert? Which tour can I book?

You can book the private desert tour in the morning. Check first with the google search: Sunrise Dubai DATE.

The start time for the Dubai desert safari is exactly 1 hour before sunrise. At this time we will pick you up from the booked hotel.

If you would like to book the sunrise desert tour, please indicate when booking under Message to us: TOUR START TIME, SAFARI SUNRISE.

6 a.m. is the earliest start time that you can specify when booking. Just let the time stand.


Sunrise or sunset in the Dubai desert. What is better?

If you can get up very early, we recommend the desert safari in Dubai at sunrise. At this time, of course, there are hardly any people in the desert. It’s an almost magical mood when the darkness gives way.

The afternoon safaris also have their charm. You experience the sunset and spend the evening in the camp under the starry canopy of the desert.



Are there dangerous animals (spiders, scorpions, snakes) in the Dubai desert?

Normally you won’t see spiders, snakes or scorpions in the Dubai desert. The camps are inhabited and the animals shy away from people. Should an animal ever get lost, it will be removed quickly. So it would be tantamount to winning the lottery if you could observe such animals :-).

There is a special feature with the Wildlife Safaris from Platinum Heritage. While the normal desert camps are stationed in a depression, the in-house camp of Platinum Heritage is built on a dune. Crawling animals like this even less, as there is always a healthy afternoon breeze blowing on the dunes.


Desert & Mountains

I would like to experience the mountains of Dubai and at the same time go on a desert tour. Is that possible ?

Yes, thats possible too! Dubai has both and one way. Hatta, the mountain enclave on the border with Oman, belongs to the emirate of Dubai. Particularly attractive: from the desert to the mountains. The contrast is unique. Discover Hatta and the desert individually, without additional passengers.

Check out our Hatta tour here:



Special wish

We are a bigger group. Can we go on a desert safari in Dubai together?

Up to a group size of around 40 participants can participate in the ‘desert camp’ on the Dubai desert tour. For 40 or more participants, we also provide a private camp.

A special occasion? With 2 guests or more, we will set up your own camp in the middle of the desert dunes! If you are interested, send us an email to or write us a WhatsApp to 00971 50 843 09 70

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Do you have any questions?

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