Camels in the United Arab Emirates – Al Jamal

Camels in the United Arab Emirates – Al Jamal

The Arab’s most faithful friend once provided meat, milk, wool, leather and also served as a means of transportation. The native camels in Dubai are one-humped dromedaries. Since they are subordinate to the camel family, the designation “camel” is correct.

Camels can go up to almost a month without water in the hot summer months! In 20 minutes they can drink and store up to 200 liters of water. There is no water in the humps of the animals. The fat reserves are stored here and are needed as energy reserves for times of need.

Nowadays, the camel is considered a breeding animal in the United Arab Emirates. The low-fat camel milk tastes very good and contains a lot of vitamins.

The ever-popular camel races take place in the United Arab Emirates from October to April. In the summer months from May to September it is too warm. Please check the daily newspapers for information about camel races. The reception of your hotel can also provide information on this. Camel races are not offered on a large scale for the participation of tourists, but take place on a smaller scale. Visitors are welcome, but not in masses.

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