Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium

A visit to the Dubai Mall without seeing the aquarium is unimaginable. At least you can admire the huge front window with the oversized acrylic panel as you pass by, which already gives you an idea that there is more behind it.

The view of the aquarium is free of charge. Those who want to enter the almost 50-metre-long tube have to pay admission. The 270-degree curved glass tunnel is worth a visit. Without getting wet, you can observe the many sea creatures up close. The shark swims by calmly, at what feels like a 30 cm distance from you. It’s safe, breathtaking and you don’t get wet. The Dubai Aquarium houses over 300 sharks, rays and other fish.

A ride on the glass-bottom boat promises deep insights into the underwater world. You need a little more courage to visit the snorkelling cage. For the intrepid, there is the opportunity to dive with sharks.

More than 30 presentations from the underwater world can be seen in the visit to the underwater zoo. Penguins, seals, crocodiles and many other marine animals can be observed up close. A lot of knowledge is imparted about the underwater animal world and the ecology of the seas.

Facts about Dubai Aquarium

  • The Dubai Aquarium is one of the main attractions within the Dubai Mall – 51 metres x 20 metres x 11 metres.
  • The Guinness record is held by the world’s largest acrylic panel with a length of 32.88 metres and a height of 8.3 metres.
  • Over 33,000 sea creatures – 85 different species – cavort in the 10 million litre tank.
  • The electronically controlled “lunar-cycling light system” changes colours in a day and night rhythm.
  • The lighting intensity of the aquarium is adapted to the aquarium – simulated similarly as in nature.
  • The famous tube is 48 metres long and is located 11 metres below the water surface.
  • A walk in the tube promises “up close and personal” contact with sharks, rays and other exotic fish.
  • In addition to the Dubai Aquarium, there is also an “Underwater Zoo” that can be visited separately.

Map of Dubai Aquarium

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