Jumeirah Mosque Dubai

Jumeirah Mosque Dubai

Pre-registration to visit the mosque is not required. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) organizes the visits, 6 days a week, from Saturday to Thursday, at 10am each day. Interested persons should be at the main entrance of the mosque around 09:45. Be sure to be on time, the doors of the mosque close at 10am.

The tour lasts about 75 minutes and is conducted in English only. AED 10 (just over 2 euros) is charged per person. Children under 12 are admitted free of charge.

Make sure you are dressed properly to visit the mosque. Women must wear a headscarf, arms and shoulders must be covered. Men should also wear long trousers. Shoes are removed when entering the mosque. Appropriate clothing can also be hired at the registration desk.

Those who decide to visit the mosque will learn a lot about the religion, Islam. The aim of the tours is for different peoples and cultures to meet and approach each other. It is a kind of understanding, deepening of knowledge and a togetherness, also a sign of peace.

Facts about Jumeirah Mosque Dubai

  • The Jumeirah Grand Mosque offers space for up to 1200 worshippers.
  • The impressive mosque was built between 1975 and 1978.
  • It is located directly on the Jumeirah Road, in the district of Jumeirah 1
  • The mosque was built in the style of the medieval Fatimid tradition.
  • The imposing stone building is an example of modern Islamic culture.
  • The Jumeirah Mosque is also open to non-Muslims at certain times.
    Photo stops from the outside are possible as part of the city tours
    Guided tours inside the Jumeirah Mosque are offered regularly.

Map of Jumeirah Mosque Dubai

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