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Desert Safari & Hot Air Ballon
Overnight Heritage & Wildlife Tour

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Hot Air Balloon Ride

This it the ultimate way to experience the Dubai desert from above and below. Enjoy your award-winning Afternoon Heritage Desert Safari, stay overnight in traditional, yet comfortable accommodation and rise with the sunrise for an incredible balloon flight with falconry followed by an impressive breakfast.

About this activity


Start your overnight experience with a pickup from your Dubai hotel to travel into the desert. Get greeted at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and get your Adventure welcome pack including your traditional Arabic headscarf.

Travel into the desert aboard your open-roof vintage Land Rover, a mode of transport used extensively in 1950’s desert expeditions. As you travel, listen to your Conservation Guide’s stories about Dubai past and present, as well as the many customs and traditions that you’ll experience throughout the evening.

Pose in the sand dunes for a photo as the sun goes down, and watch the UAE’s national bird – the falcon – during a falconry display. Make your way past the gently flickering flames from the lights that mark the entrance way to your authentic Bedouin Camp, and then hop out of your Land Rover to take a seat at your shared table. Before your meal starts, a range of cultural activities are demonstrated. Enjoy an Arabic coffee and sit back to watch dancers performing to traditional Emirati music, or perhaps get a henna tattoo, smoke a shisha pipe (Arabic water pipe) or even try the traditional mode of Bedouin transport — a camel. Then, all that’s left to do is to feast on your 4-course dinner under the stars. Like the activities at the camp, the dishes are mostly traditional Emirati specialties, combining flavors from the Middle East.

After your meal, sit around the bonfire and gaze up at the stars, try shisha if you like, and then make your way to your Arabic stone dwelling — complete with comfortable mattress, pillows and blanket — nestled inside the camp. Settle in and enjoy sleeping overnight in the heart of the desert!


As you are only minutes from the Hot Air Balloon take off site you can wake up later than passengers coming from Dubai. Once you arrive you will receive a safety briefing before climbing inside the balloon basket with the world’s most experienced Hot Air Balloon Company “Ballon Adventures Dubai”. Feel your adrenaline race as your balloon drifts gently upward.

As you rise higher, marvel at the awesome sunrise views and hear interesting commentary from your pilot about the geology and wildlife of the protected Dubai Desert Conservation Reservation while you watch for roaming animals such as gazelle and camels.

After your approximately 1-hour flight, enjoy a smooth touchdown controlled by your pilot and step back on to solid ground.

If you wish, buy a professional video of your flight (own expense) so you can relive the experience at home. You will be driven to a private desert conservation reserve where you will have the chance to freshen up at clean, private bathrooms. Breakfast will be a scrumptious selection of delicacies such as hand-cut smoked salmon and caviar.

It is the perfect way to experience Dubai!


Overnight Heritage Desert Safari, Sunrise Hot Air Ballon Ride Highlights

Traverse the desert in museum-quality 1950’s vintage Land Rovers

Spot native wildlife like Arabian oryx on a desert drive in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Enjoy a photo stop in the sand dunes and witness a spectaclular falcon show

Watch the live demonstrations of Arabic coffee-making, henna painting, ride a camel and more

Spend the evening in an authentic Bedouin camp with a delicious Emirati cuisine dinner

Watch a traditional cultural dance and join in with an Arabic drumming performance

Sleep in comortable traditional Arabic stone dwellings with bedding

Enjoy a spectacular Hot Air Ballon ride at sunrise

After your Hot Air Balloon ride, feast on a delicious 5-star a la carte breakfast

What you need to know

Pick-up from the hotel (only Dubai) between 2.30 pm and 4.30 pm

Arrive at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to receive your Adventure Pack and put on your Sheila/Ghutra (traditional headscarf)

Embark on a wildlife drive through DDCR in an open-top vintage Land Rover

Enjoy a sunset falcon show with sparkling juice

Arrive at an authentic torch-lit Bedouin camp

Be entertained with traditional henna tattoos, live bread-making, Arabic coffee-making, camel rides and aromatic shisha pipes

Additional Information:

  • We don’t pick up guests from private residences in Dubai unless you have booked a private car. If you are staying at a private residence, we can pick you up from the nearest hotel.
  • Children over 5 years old and under 12 years old will be accepted at the child rate.
  • Children under 5 years old are not suitable for this tour.
  • Each room sleeps 5 people and the allocation of rooms is done per booking unless otherwise requested. Please let us know how many rooms you would like when you make the booking.
    A 400AED fee is applicable to single occupancy rooms.
  • So that you never feel overcrowded, we restrict numbers to 75-100 guests in our very spacious camps.
  • We require a minimum of 3 hours in advance to book this activity online. Alternatively, you can contact our office directly to inquire about short-term bookings.
  • Some vehicles can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests.
  • For a private car booking, please select the number of vehicles only.
  • The physical fitness to be able to climb in and out of the hot air balloon basket is required.
  • Pregnant guests are not permitted on the hot air balloon after their first trimester. If you are within your second trimester, you can still participate in the Overnight Desert Safari
    Guests with neck or back injuries are not recommended to participate in the hot air balloon ride.
  • The camel ride is at our camp after dark. For the safety of the camels and our guests, these are short rides in a lit area. For longer camel rides, please see our Camel Desert Safari.
  • The camp is operated on solar power and therefore the lights are switched off when the last guest goes to sleep. Every guest is given a flashlight.
  • A confirmation with a precise pick-up time will be sent to your email or phone before 1:00 pm on the day of the Desert Safari.


  • per adult 2100 AED incl. tax
  • per child (5 – 11 yrs.) 1750 AED incl. tax


  • payment by credit card


The booking procedure

Click on “Book now”. You will then be redirected to our booking system.

Choose your desired date, the number of people and the pick-up point. Please complete the guest data and payment details (credit card payment) carefully.

After submitting the booking you will receive your booking confirmation by email. We are always available to answer any questions you may have!


Cancellation policy

  1. Cancellations or amendments for non-group bookings (a non-group booking is equal to or less than 4 guests in a single booking):
    • Cancellations made at least 18 hours prior to tour departure: eligible for full refund
    • Cancellations made under 18 hours prior to tour departure: not eligible for refund
  2. Cancellations or amendments for group bookings prior to tour departure (a group is greater than 4 guests in a single booking)
    • Cancellations made 7 to 14 days prior to tour departure: eligible for 50% refund
    • Cancellations made under 7 days prior to tour departure: not eligible for refund


We favour fresh, locally sourced food that is prepared by our onsite chefs. Download our menu to see what you will be served on your Desert Safari.

View our Menu



The safety and wellbeing of our guests and staff has always been our priority. As a responsible tourism company, our robust health and safety protocols are in line with the highest global standards. Our protocols are approved by the World Travel and Tourism Council’s Safe Travels global regulations which ensures safe and secure experiences for travellers. The protocols take into account current WHO and CDC guidelines and will be updated as new information becomes available about COVID-19.


Book directly through Platinum Heritage

Platinum Heritage Dubai is the only Ecotourism Desert Safari company in Dubai. We are advocates of sustainable travel and our mission is to conserve the natural environment, wildlife and culture of Dubai and its people.

Our range of Desert Safaris have been created to suit different types of travellers. Whether you are looking for adventure, an escape into Dubai’s nature, a traditional encounter with Bedouin, or a luxurious journey through the sand dunes, we have meticulously created the experience for you!

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Over Night

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Tour's Location

Pick up from any hotel / cruise (Dubai)


We have created two unique desert safari collections, with very different concepts.

Our Platinum Collection was designed for our discerning guests who are accustomed to the finer things in life. Luxurious Range Rovers, dining around an oasis inside a royal property, falconry and access to the Conservation Reserve. Away from all crowds, the Platinum Collection ensures privacy and exclusivity.

Our Heritage Collection focused on showcasing Dubai’s culture and heritage, authentic Arabic cuisine, entertainment and local traditions. The Heritage Collection has been designed to engage our guests in UAE history. Rather than read about it or sit and listen, our guests will have a chance to participate in a range of activities, bringing history to life.
As an ecotourism company we focus on sustainable practices and conduct gentle wildlife drives in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve that do not include dune bashing. While dune bashing can be a fun experience, it has its downsides; it’s typically not family friendly, can feel rushed, but most importantly the pristine Dubai desert has so much more to offer. With an expansive and rich culture, exotic wildlife, and some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world, the deserts of Dubai have so much to offer that will leave you with lasting memories.

In addition, the desert ecosystem is very sensitive and about 95% of the animals in the desert live under the desert. When you drive really fast across dunes you are damaging all the vegetation and wildlife. Dune bashing is not an innocent pastime, it’s an adventure sport and should be limited to certain areas because it does a lot of damage.
Platinum Heritage / Ballon Adventures only operates with in-house vehicles and Conservation Guides. This means that we have very limited capacity and quite often sell out weeks in advance. Once you have confirmed your travel plans, it is strongly suggested that you book your desert safari before you arrive to avoid disappointment. Our online booking system contains live inventory so you can see if seats are still available.
We never want our guests to be sitting for long periods in the lobby of their hotel. Instead we prefer to give a precise pick-up. However, there are numerous factors which make it impossible to provide a precise pick-up time at the time of booking. At the time of booking, you will have a 1 hour range to help you plan your day. We will then take the following steps on the day of your safari…

- Phone you at your Hotel room and advise you of the pick-up time. If you are not in the room…
We leave a message with the Concierge

- Send you a confirmation email.

- If you are not in the room and we were not provided with an email address, we will phone or leave a text message on the international number you provided.If you have not received a message by 1pm on the day of your tour, please phone 04 4409827.
We list the most popular hotels (from a possible 650 hotels and apartments in Dubai). However, we will pick you up from any hotel in Dubai.
As the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do! Alcohol is generally not permitted in the Arabic culture, and while the Rulers of the country have shown great flexibility in allowing service in hotels, we are committed to stay true to local traditions and showcase the authenticity, warmth and hospitality of this region. For these reasons we do not serve alcohol on our tours.
The only concern for our pregnant guests would be during the wildlife safari in our Land Rovers as it can be a little bumpy. If you are experiencing a healthy pregnancy, it shouldn’t be an issue as it is only slightly bumpier than driving on a dirt road.

For their comfort and safety, we are happy to accommodate expectant mothers up until their last trimester. If you would still like to join the safari, you can skip the wildlife drive and we can arrange for you to be dropped directly at the sunset stop for the falcon show where you can wait for the other guests. This would be approximately a 1 hour wait and besides missing out on the wildlife drive, the full itinerary can be enjoyed.
Bedouins would build their camps on the top of sand dunes for many reasons; to catch any cool winds, to avoid low areas susceptible to flash floods, to keep watch on approaching tribes, and to avoid snakes and scorpions which prefer low lying brush. Platinum Heritage has constructed the industry’s first camp sitting on top of a dune.

Other desert safari companies build in a “pocket” in order to protect against heavy winds. However, this comes with the disadvantage of being very hot in summer and very cold in winter. Not to mention that they become the unwilling home to lots of creepy crawlies like spiders, scorpions and snakes which prefer low lying areas. We can avoid this and take advantage of the cool Dubai afternoon breeze, using nature’s natural air-conditioning and pest control.
from 2.100,00 AED

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